Injectables / FIllers - Botox and Restylane

Injectables / Fillers  such as Botox and Restylane are some of the common less invasive rejuvenating procedures. A simple injection can take years off your age as shown on your face in virtually minutes.

Botox and Restylane are the best known injectables used by plastic & cosmetic surgeons. A patient’s own fat, used for fat grafting, offers the longest lasting natural alternative to fillers (lifelong).


Lipostructure is the fat grafting technique invented by Dr. Sydney Coleman, and is used to restore the fullness that is lost due to aging. This revolutionary fat grafting method can be used to rejuvenate and enhance all areas of the face and areas of the lower body.

Video of Injectables Procedure

Other Techniques

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is a procedure where fat cells are extracted from the body (usually from the area below the belly button) and re-injected into the face – most frequently in the nasolabial folds (mouth to nose lines), under eyes (tear troughs), cheeks, chin, temples, etc. It is expected that some of the fat inserted will be re-absorbed into the body, while the rest remains permanently. This procedure can be done in an operating room with general anesthesia, or, in some cases may be done in-office using local anesthetic.

There is a tremendous amount of research that indicates that fat tissue contains large amounts of stem cells. Stem cells have the potential to regenerate and rejuvenate many types of normal tissue, including skin, muscle, and bone. As a result, lipostructure works not only because of the fullness and volume gained from the actual fat grafting.  The stem cells that are injected along with the fat cells actually rejuvenate the facial skin, improving skin quality and making your face look more youthful.

This procedure is minimally invasive but does create a moderate amount of swelling afterwards, and some bruising. Each person’s body reacts differently. Most patients find that the swelling subsides in a week or so, and “final results” can be seen in 1-2 months. Most of our facial fat grafting patients feel comfortable returning to work after about one week. It is important that patients stop smoking at least a week or two before surgery, and do not return to smoking afterwards, to maximize the amount of fat that will remain permanently.

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