Concierge-Type Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Walker believes in a “concierge-type” plastic surgery practice. He believes that patients should always be able to contact their surgeon with any concerns or questions. The doctor and his staff take great pride in maintaining the highest quality care before, during, and after all procedures.

In-Office Consultations

Please feel free to call us

Phone: 1-800-452-0866 or 1 (424) 675-4965
Cell Phone: (818) 632-6915

 to set up a personal consultation with Dr. Walker.

How it works for Out-Of-Towners (outside Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire)

  1. Send your photos. Send your photos/pictures via text message to the above number (818-632-6915) OR photos / pictures can be e-mailed to Your photos with be treated confidentially, as required under the HIPPA (Health Information and Privacy Act) laws. (Tips: Turn the flash off and preferably have someone else take the pictures, as camera phones distort from too close. Take photos from the front, side, and 45 degree views.)
  2. Phone consultation. Patients are welcome to call and leave a message at 818-632-6915. Phone consultations are available from between Monday-Saturday, 07:00-20:00 Pacific Standard Time. There is no charge associated with a phone consultation. Limited information is able to be given during a phone consultation, if the caller has an iPhone, “Facetime” could enhance the ability of the surgeon to be able to give a more meaningful evaluation, and suggestions. Usually the best idea is to schedule a complimentary in-person consultation.
  3. Schedule an appointment.

Next Steps...

Contact us now and set up a free, no obligation consultation, where we will quote on pursuing the appearance that you want.